Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Real Life Stuff

Remember how people will pay thousands of dollars for a purse that costs like eight bucks to make? Maybe you hope that you don't remember, but you do. Well guess what? You can now buy the fabric that people use to make those stupid purses!

Were you ever like, "Man, I wish I could find some Gucci fabric so that I could just make a purse instead shelling out my inheritance." BOOM that is now possible--just start searching the web. Don't worry about having the right stitching because the original bags were probably made by some six year old in a dark factory anyway. Just make a call and get some of your own Louis Vuitton fabric and start making shirts or something. Who even really needs a purse anyway?

The key to not buying stupid stuff is to not buy stupid stuff. However, if you really want items that show everyone you are rich and tasteless you are, then designer purses are the way to go. If you just buy the fabric and make one yourself at least that shows you have one single skill. In the modern world who needs real skills? Not rich people with fancy purses, that's for sure.


  1. They closed down that dark factory so all the little children could go to school and better themselves and their futures, but they were all sold on the black market instead. I think I want to buy one of those purses and keep little children off the street.