Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More on the Dentist

I wonder how many times a dentist has been the villain in a story? I can think a several movies, and I can imagine it in a lot of comic books. It isn't that dentist is a bad dude, but to a little kid they are the ultimate bad time. Those kids grow up to become guys like Alan Moore and Stephen King.

I can't forget about Steve Martin playing the evil dentist in that one musical (whose name is too long to type out, plus I don't feel like doing any italics right now). Little kids fears being translated to real villains is a great idea. that's probably why there are so many movies where animals kill people (right Stephen King?).

Maybe the dentist gets a bad wrap, but they are all rich so I don't feel like defending them--it's the same reason no one defends lawyers. Neither of them are really getting their feelings hurt. I wonder if there is any place in this country that doesn't have a dentist. I heard Falls Church doesn't, but to be honest I just made that up. This is America, where we are free to make fun of rich people and then make things up at will.


  1. I want to watch that movie now.

    But not really, because it is/was the worst musical I ever was forced to watch at high school theater camp. Yes, I was there, and yes, theater camp is a lot like band camp.