Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Am Not Cool

I don't think that I will ever own a buffalo leather jacket. Seriously, I can't even figure out what I would even do with a leather jacket. Do I have to get a motorcycle too, or can I just wear it around the house or something? I would probably just hang it up and never wear it.

I am bad at remembering what clothes I own. Just this morning I found a shirt that I had forgotten about, and then realized that I should have two other shirts of a similar design. Nope. They are just gone. Forgetting that you own something does not exactly help someone remember what happened to the thing they forgot exists. It is a difficult problem to solve.

If bought a buffalo leather jacket and put it away, I would inevitably find it again at some point. But instead of remembering that it was mine, I would probably just try to figure what it is was in the first place. That's how foreign cool leather things are to me. I would be like, "What it this made of? Is this made out of human skin!?" Man, I can't buy one just in case I really think it's human skin later on. that would make me crazy.

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