Friday, September 24, 2010

Expensive Free Things

All of my roommates are obsessed with phones right now. All they talk about is how to unlock Blackberry phones or get a better deal on their next purchase. The funny part is that there are actually businesses who will perform a little Blackberry unlocking if you pay them.

Guess what business people? Maybe you didn't Google that before you started trying to sell it, but there only about ten million videos on Youtube that show people how to unlock their phones. And Youtube is just the mainstream site--there are countless places all over the internet where people can learn to hack any device for free.

I don't know which is wrong or right. I thought that hacking into a phone at the mall was somehow the same as trying to sell an edited DVD and thus was illegal, but I guess not. That probably means that soon someone will try to pass a law that says it is illegal to give things away for free because it hurts the market. The world is a crazy place with too many cell phones, and free things that people pay for. I probably didn't even write this blog--I outsourced it to a video site, and they did it for free. What?

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  1. Thanks for making my stomach hurt.
    Awesome laughs; great writing!!!