Thursday, September 2, 2010

Listen up, Class

I no longer work at a place that requires me to scan RFID tags, and I see this as a huge step forward. In fact, since most of us work retail in our younger years, I think that having a job where there are no RFID tags to be seen is a very adult step. We should all be gauging our adulthood in the amount of RFID we see in our lives.

However, this scale does go up continuously. True the less RFID tags I see the better my job probably is, but what about the guy who invented RFID tags? He is probably one of the richest people in the world. So let us recap how the job scale works: having RFID tags around you probably means you have a bad job, and the less you have to deal with the better your job is getting--UNLESS you are surrounded with all of the world's RFID tags, because then you have the best job ever.

I hope you all took notes during this lesson, because this is easily one of the strangest points I have ever made--which also makes it one of the most important. Does make sense? No? Write it down anyway.

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