Monday, September 27, 2010

RIP MomCat

So my roommate's cat has been gone for a few days, and we are pretty much assuming that it's dead. I am not too bummed, because I don't care about animals. Sue me. All I know is that my roommate will save a bunch of money, because now he won't have to waste any more money on things like natural cat food for that ridiculous hippie cat.

I'm sure the cat is fine--it probably just found a better home in a clean house. I can't imagine caring about that either. As long as it stays gone I going to consider this a win. What is a cat's job? to eat, sleep all day, stare at you, scratch things, and get in fights. An animal like that doesn't deserve natural cat food--even if it isn't a cat.

My roommate acts a little bummed, but it isn't like our lives are that different as a result. I bet in like six months that cat will roll back in and force us to take care of it again. When that happens--if I find it first--I am going to run it out of town for good. I'll throw some natural cat food in the back of a semi and say goodbye to that cat forever. Boom.

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