Friday, September 17, 2010

Tv Kids

What did the Ninja Turtles do when the sewer service people had to come down check things out? I mean, it would be easy enough for the turtles to hide for a while, but they had a pretty nice living space down there--I think they even had a giant computer that could track criminals. Maybe they lived in a part that no longer had sewer service, which brings up tons of other gross problems for them.

Maybe it is wrong to analyze things like this, but it is very common for someone my age--who grew up in a time of major pop-culture addiction--to try and analyze the things that don't need to be analyzed. However, someone from my perspective would argue that EVERYTHING needs to be analyzed. People like me only feel this way because we feel strange, and want to find something to blame it on--so we look and every possible thing that had an influence on us as kids and try to point the finger.

I grew up watching turtles fight crime, and other kids watched reruns of the Indianapolis 500--what a world, right? There are so many personality disorders out there, and I bet 99% of them come from weird, childhood television habits.

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