Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye Bye, Retail

I will be honest with you right now, readers: I do not miss working retail at all. Here is a list of reasons why:

1. I don't like scanning RFID tags.
2. I don't like talking to people.
3. Selling people something they don't really need makes it harder for me to sleep at night.
4. I don't even like LOOKING at RFID tags.
5. I don't want anything to ever be folded.
6. If someone complains about something, my reaction is always to laugh and then yell.
7. I could never get the RFID printer to work.
8. The customer is supposed to be right, except that, from what I could tell, that is not true.
9. I do not fit in at the mall, or any other place that has anything in common with the mall.
10. Anything RFID related does not suit me.

Most of us have worked at a retail job at one point or another, and I would be surprised if any of us had fond memories of it. Don't misunderstand me--I have plenty of funny stories from my days in retail, but it wasn't like I was actually having a good time. Those stories probably weren't even funny until at least a year after they had happened.

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