Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Live Music

There is something strange going on in the world of music. I am talking about live music and seeing a live band. There is little real, live rock and roll being presented to the world anymore. Everything on TV is about solo singers, and if there is a band present they often have to fake performances because none of them are great musicians.

The modern world of bands who are trying to "make it," often just get good enough to mimic their favorite songs, and then they go on from there. No one is trying to create anything new anymore--just trying to hit the bare minimum of what it takes to be considered a musician. Since most people only go see bands in stadiums now--if they see a live band at all--and that is hardly a place that requires the band to be talented.

Maybe if you live in Minnesota or Iowa there are some good local bar bands who just cover their favorite songs instead of trying to mimic them--at least they are being honest, and not trying to be fake artists. Most people do not remember what it is like to go to a small show and be blown away by an amazing performance. My poor heart.

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