Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smart Listening

If you are going to Princeton, and you need a hearing aid, then you had better figure something better out. You are not going to be able to hear a word that your professors are saying, and since Princeton is supposed to be as fancy as schools get, those professors are going to be saying A LOT.

Hearing aids were never meant for the academic or the studious; they are designed for people who want to watch TV and hear what the specials at the buffet are. These are noble causes as well, just different from pursuing academic studies. I mean, when comparing the misunderstood ironies in the poetry of Robert Frost to whether or not Susan is going to have Charles' baby, there is really way to decide which is more important. Trust me, I have tried.

Do this: go to all your classes at Princeton with a giant ear horn, and as you hold it to your head with one hand, write as furiously as you can with the other--people will think you are the Rudy of academics, and your life will work itself out.

Hopefully you didn't see that movie, because in reality, nothing worked out for Rudy.

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