Friday, September 17, 2010

Jay-Z Said it Best

If I was ever walking by a building and it had a sign on it that said, "Emini Day Trading System" I would have no idea what that building was for. I would just think, "Hmm. I do not know what that means, so I can definitely keep walking."

There some things in the world I do not understand at all; many of the things I don't understand are business related. However, I know enough to realize when I see something that is like unto a business, and that allows me to steer clear of it in a much more effective way. For instance, I have heard the term "day trading" so often that I am aware it applies to people that are nothing like me.

I do not share anything in common with people who have decent amounts of money, or people who work without changing anything. So if you ever see the Emini day trading system at work, look around and see if you can find me--no way. It was Jay-Z who said, "I'm not a businessman; I'm a business, man." That makes him sounds pretty awesome, and I even though I can't relate to the second part of that statement, I can't wholeheartedly agree with the first.

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