Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pharmacy Criminal

So there is this guy I used to know, and this guy's brother used to rob pharmacies like crazy. What he would do is dress up like a pharmacist, get all the proper paperwork, and then just stroll back there and start taking all the pills that he wanted.

He was doing it right in front of all the other workers, and no one did anything to stop him. He went from pharmacy to pharmacy doing this for months and months. At one time he was even on the FBI's radar, and it was them who finally took him down.

For anyone out there who reads my blogs, I am usually all for crime and theft--but stealing medicine? No way. Not only were people who needed medications not getting them, but I doubt the pills that he stole were going to sick people.

I am glad that he got caught and I hope he spends a long time at the prison over in West Palm Beach (just kidding, I don't know where they sent him). He was a pretty clever and gutsy criminal, and I have to respect that (maybe "have to" isn't the right phrase), but he was also being a pretty big jerk about it. have fun in jail, dip.

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