Thursday, September 30, 2010

Previous Sex Posts Are More Analyitcal

When I was younger I remember going to the sex shop with a friend to get some kind of present for a party. This was my first time looking at sex toys, and all I could think was, "Man, these really do look like a bunch of toys." But guess what? They weren't really toys.

I have been to the toy store, and there are some stark differences between real toys and sex toys. For one... Actually, we are not going to get into this. I have spent a lot of time explaining the strange aspects of sex toys in previous blogs, and now I'm done with it. Let's just suffice it so say that I think sex toys are weird--not because I think sexual experimentation is weird, but the actual toys themselves are strange in theme, novelty, and aesthetics.

I lived near Toronto in those days (give or take), and I always heard that people in Canada were pretty open about sexuality. That is just fine, but I don't even care. I wish I could remember who told me that so that I could call them up and tell them that I don't care. Whatever, this whole blog about sexuality without heavy analysis has left a bad taste in my mouth. See ya.

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