Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute Animals Are Sick

Depending on what kind of person you are, the animal clinic is either extra cute or extra sad. It could go either way, but for me it is definitely extra cute--little kittens wearing casts? Forget about it. However, I can understand that some people would be depressed by seeing little sick animals all over the place.

I don't love animals, so to me they are just cute objects. If one is doing anything out of the ordinary I am going to think it is cute. I'm not going to think, "I bet that pug doesn't like wearing that cowboy costume," or, "Something tells me those cats don't like being juggled." Both of those are things I would watch without hesitation. Am I a bad dude? No way.

I am glad that the critters in the animal clinic are getting helped out, but I still think a sick animal is cute--sue me. I would drive as far as Dallas to see a munchkin cat with some gauze around its head. Are you kidding me? We would probably all do that. At least I like animals enough to think they are cute--some people don't even care that much. Go after them before you go after me.

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