Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gettin' Older

So you're getting old, and don't want to admit it. That is why you bought a couple of different hearing aids that are all the same exact color of your skin; now nobody can tell that you have one on. Stop trying to hide in plain sight--we all know you're old. You might as well buy some brightly colored hearing aids so that everyone knows you aren't ashamed of yourself.

It doesn't matter if you live in Paris or Tacoma--you are going to get old. Don't try to hide it and stay young. Go out and buy a crazy cane, get a wheelchair that looks like a limousine, and buy massive hearing aids. Maybe you will be the first to start a new trend amongst the elderly by embracing your age. This means that the elderly could even have their own trends! How exciting.

Don't let age get you down. Old people have way more life experience, and much more knowledge stored up than the rest of us. We need to respect that, even if they are a little racist sometimes. Ten bucks says that our grandchildren will think we are racist too. It sounds pretty unfair, but just embrace it now, and when you get old it won't even be a big deal.

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