Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been recently feeling like I want to cruise Galapagos Islands. Yeah, that means exactly what it sounds like it means. I want to get on a boat and just cruise by those bad boys. No stopping, no site-seeing, just hard cruising. Those million year-old turtles won't know what hit them.

A Galapagos yacht charter might be the route some people prefer to take, but those people can get real forever. I am young, and my heart still pumps life--I am not about to take a slow ride around these beautiful islands. I want to put on some sunglasses, a few fake tattoos, grab a red plastic cup and just cruise. I might not even look at the islands when we go by; I haven't decided yet.

The point of this blog is to say: Whatever, Darwin. You can't make me love your islands and your theories. Maybe you did find a flower with a deep stem, hypothesize that a creature with a 12-inch nose would pollinate it, and then prove yourself right, but BIG DEAL. I am cruising.

Okay, I decided that I will not be looking at your islands--how does that feel? Maybe there is a big-nosed bug there, and maybe there isn't. I won't be looking so I won't know.

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