Friday, September 3, 2010

I have Been Waiting to Post this Picture My Whole Life

I do not know if I am the kind of person who could ever own a Harley Davidson Motorcycle--or any kind of motorcycle for that matter. There are few traits that stand out in my personality, and one of the major ones is not drawing attention to myself as much as possible. The Harley rider seems to blast down the street saying, "Here I am world--I crave your attention always."

I would just feel too noticeable riding around like that. I mean, what if I lived in Salt Lake City where the streets are all tiny and there are tons of stoplights? My life would basically be revving my motor at lights and trying not to make eye contact with all the mad people staring at me. I would go crazy after like fifteen minutes.

I think I will just stick with my car for now, or even a bike. Please know that by "bike" I definitely mean a bicycle and not a Harley, or any other kind of motor-powered bike. They are too loud, too dangerous, and too crazy for someone as frail and brittle as me. I am not a leathery biker or a tough guy out for vengeance, so I might as well just stay home.

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  1. If your life is going to have any zenith, that picture would be it for sure.