Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Sad, Overloaded Post of the Day

I just want to live in the beautiful world of a movie; A world where people aren't concerned with things like oil free skin care, and combing their hair for one hour. However, I am aware that this is only possible in movies because these problems are taken care of by reality. That is to say, in a movie, everyone already looks perfect and stylish so they don't have to worry about washing their face or finding oil free skin care products.

the sad thing about this realization is that, apparently, people will only stop worrying about their physical appearance once they look perfect all of the time. That is really what it would take for someone to stop looking in the mirror every ten minutes to see if a hair is out of place.

This also the reason we enjoy watching movies--because everyone is pleasant to look at, and if they aren't we are more concerned with how weird they look rather than what they are saying, or what kind of person they are: JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE. What a bummer. People have to look attractive just to be taken seriously? I don't think I can come into work tomorrow, or get out bed--I am too depressed.

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