Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bring it on, Fish

I have never really gone fishing. I mean real fishing--the kind that requires offshore reports and weather graphs about the changing tides in Pensacola, Florida. it just seems like a lot of work to go on a trip like that, so I have steered clear of it so far.

Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and download some fishing reports. If I am going to get out there and really catch some fish then I had better prepare myself the way real fisherman do. Not only will I need to contact some fishing charters, but I will also need to find a really nice cooler, and watch JAWS a few times before I go. I just want to be ready for whatever abominations Mother Nature has to offer.

Maybe I should read The Old Man and The Sea instead of watching JAWS, but no one gets blown up in Hemingway's story. I don't know what decade that little novella thinks it is, but it is time for Michael Bay to reboot that thing and make it interesting and terrible at the same time. What was I talking about? Oh right, fishing tips and the like. Eh, I'll just head out to sea and see what happens.