Friday, September 17, 2010

Dr Tinycat

Here is the pitch for my new, dramatic television show:

It's called Animal Hospital; and all of the patients and doctors are cute animals. Oh, sure it sounds like a sweet, frolic-y time (and of course it will be) but that is not always the case. There will be tough calls that have to be made by the kitten doctors every day. "If we remove this bamboo, saving the baby panda's life, then they will just send him back to the zoo where he was tortured and sent here in the first place." The kittens frown.

Animal Hospital will be a huge hit. Its demographic will be anybody who has a pulse or heart (metaphoric and literal hearts).

Opening scene: The head kitten doctors says (in cute voice), "Nurse! We are going to need more Nerf footballs if we are going to get this puppy's tail to wag ever again!"
"But doctor there aren't anym--"
"I don't want your excu-meoooow. Ahem. I don't want your excuses! This is Animal Hospital!"

From real cities like New York, all the way to fake cities like Appleton, this show will change lives and warm hearts without even trying. I know I am writing a script, but filming animals in doctor outfits running around a tiny hospital is going to be the real selling point.

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