Thursday, September 2, 2010

Important Heroes

We all want to be heroes, but how can we do that? Scott Pilgrim fought for love, Rambo saves poor countries, and John McClane stops anyone who tries to do anything bad ever. But what about, for instance, the guy who invented RFID tags? I feel like that small act does make someone a hero in some way--true I would still rather be Scott Pilgrim, but that doesn't exactly seem likely.

RFID tags help the retail world function at a much faster pace, and with much less human error. If there is one thing all heroes must deal with it, it is human error. Scott Pilgrim was pretty much a womanizer before his journey was through, and Rambo was racist. So, in some ways, the person who invented RFID tags is more than a hero because human error was successfully eliminated. What a though, eh?

I basically just wanted to talk about Scott Pilgrim because the soundtrack for the video game is playing into my head right now, and it is beyond awesome. I feel like I'm playing a video game that is actually my life, and instead the sounds in nature being wind and rain, everything just sounds like Queen songs--only faster. I have the best life.

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