Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dangerous Storage... Maybe

Something that is popping up more and more is online storage. This seems like a great idea at first, except for one important thing: Most people thirty and under are not storing things that are exactly legal. Sure we all think that piracy is not really breaking the law (seriously is it?), and so we will out hard drives with things that we download for free.

Even though online file storage sounds like a nice thing to do, no one is going to risk putting all those illegal files back on the internet where they can be easily traced. And other than movies and music, I'm not sure what people have so much of that they would need massive storage to hold it all--I think like 80% of my external hard drive is movies and music... maybe they are illegal and maybe they aren't.

So if you are thinking about online storage just go through everything you have and make sure it's all safe to store on the internet. I bet everyone has at least a few pirated programs. Even adults sharing programs on disks in pretty common, and no one thinks they are breaking the law--like it even matters. Just download stuff and keep it hidden! Ah!

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