Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchen jobs

Whenever I am making food in the kitchen there is always someone who wants to help. This is fine except that I am usually organized enough that there are no secondary jobs to be offered. People really want to help though, so I have to find a job for them to do or else they will stop being my friend.

I solved this problem by assigning people the role of Kitchen Utensil Holder. That's right--there is one important job, and that is to hold out the stuff that I am going to need in a few seconds. This person is now helping the job run smoothly and efficiently. I hope that this shows everyone just how caring I can be. I mean, I didn't have to think of that job, but I did because I have such a soft heart. You are welcome, helpers.

Kitchen Utensil Holder is a job that anyone can be proud of, and what is more important than pride? Literally nothing. Feel free to use this technique to welcome your needy friends into your hobbies by assigning them menial tasks--tasks that can be carried out by drawers if they are not around. Be a real friend.

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