Monday, September 13, 2010

Pest Party

"Pest control" is kind of a funny way of saying "killing bugs and stuff." I mean, I understand that people don't want to have something brutal about killing in the name of their company, but it isn't like people really care about bugs. I think even most hippies will squash a mosquito if they aren't paying too close of attention.

We still call the place where cows are killed the SLAUGHTERHOUSE, so why are we so worried about the rights of bugs that we are using the term "pest control" still? I want to have a company called BUG STOMP. That way at least all of the people who seriously want their pests gone will call me up. From here to St Louis people will call me when they want their pests destroyed and just controlled.

Do people really just want pest control--to manage their pests? Does that just mean people have too many rodents, and they want enough killed that they can regain control over them? That sounds pretty admirable, but there is no one in the world who is thinking that way. People are not riding the fence about pest control; they either want them all dead, or they don't mind them at all.

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