Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laser Doctor

Doctors are maybe the most unsung, tech-savvy people on the planet. While I was still watching space movies with laser guns in them and wishing it was reality, they were in the operating room cutting people open with those same lasers. That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard of.

Doctors also use the internet to their advantage all the time. Think of all the web based EMR pages that they have going. An EMR system is used to look up a patient's history (and many other things), thus linking doctors and patients together in an extremely fast way. An open EMR site allows access to every file that a doctor could ever need to treat a patient properly.

Sure using lasers as surgical tools is still the most amazing thing that they do, but using the internet is pretty clever as well. We never think that doctors are nerds, but they spent more time in school than the rest of us, so clearly they are nerds. If they are not cutting someone open then they are probably playing Dungeons and Dragons with their nerdy kids. I wish now I had gone to medical school, because everything about their lives sounds awesome.

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