Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surf's Up

I grew up in Southern California until I was about 22. The culture down there is a lot different from where I live now, except that a lot of people here dress like the people where I used to live. I know, I know--people always wear the same basic clothes in some way. That would be a valid argument if the ocean wasn't six hundred miles from here, yet everyone still wears surf clothes.

In California, when people walked around in sandals and RVCA boardshorts it made sense; the beach was always in sight. Now I see people wearing the same exact beach apparel with no place to swim except the salty death lake. Even though I thought Everyone in my hometown dressed like a goof, it didn't bother me too much because at least it was functional. Everyone here is just trying to look like they are cool, or at least trying to look like they are from a cool place.

Maybe I'm overreacting and surf clothing is just something that everyone wears--surf areas or not. I guess I am just too utilitarian for clothes that do things that I don't do (like look cool). Maybe I should move back home so no one bugs me anymore.

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