Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Net Pirates

I have a lot of stuff saved up on my external hard drive, and it is just about to get full. My two options are to either get another hard drive, or start using online file storage (no, I'm not going to delete any of my stuff). Getting a new external hard drive can be expensive, but online storage seems like it's run by the Feds in an effort to catch people with pirated materials.

Seriously, who has an external hard drive that doesn't have some kind of illegal content on it? Not that mine does or anything. In fact in any FBI people are reading this blog, don't worry because I don't have the internet... except for right now. All I am saying about online storage is that sounds a little dangerous for people who might have some sensitive materials.

I'm sure we think that the privacy the internet affords is real, but that is the opposite of true. The only thing that affords someone security on the internet is not being noticed. You think any amount of security could stop a 4chan user from ruining your life? No way. That also means that the government is probably allowed to go in and check anything they want to--all you can do is try to stay off the radar.

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