Friday, September 24, 2010

Sandy Killer Cohen

There are two fictional characters who first inspired me to try and become a lawyer. The first was Atticus Finch (obvious), and the second was Sandy Cohen, from The OC.

I know it seems strange to have anyone from The OC as a role model (but not really). However, Sandy is the epitome of a great lawyer. He is surrounded by rich people, does only free defense work, and ruins the rich people's estates as often as he can. In fact, he even catches his own father-in-law trying to illegally sell worthless land for millions of dollars and forces said father-in-law, using the LAW, to sell it for only one dollar--good luck staying rich now, pops.

There is another key moment where Sandy has the advantage. One night, as his biological and adopted sons are being arrested Sandy yells to the police: "Don't question them until I arrive at the station: I am their attorney." And the cops are like, "OH DAMN."

Sandy is a great lawyer because he passed the California BAR Exam, and everyone knows what a brutal test that is. He might have had a California BAR tutor, but I like to think that he nailed the test on his own. If Sandy Cohen can keep his kids out of jail, and thwart land barons, he could probably handle a test.

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