Friday, September 17, 2010

Manipulate The System

The other week my friend got into a moderately bad car accident, and she might have hurt her back. The accident was her fault, so she isn't about to get any money for her injuries. Maybe that is true and maybe it isn't. I bet if she found a really great/brutal personal injury attorney she could swing the jury to her side of the story--whatever that may be.

A personal injury attorney is just the kind of lawyer for this job. The law is setup to have a balanced system right? All this means is that ANYBODY can win a case. All they would have to do is play up the right angle to the jury and then wait for that undeserved money to roll in. Isn't that what most trials result in anyway? Might as well keep the system up and running.

She is really fine though, so don't worry about her. She is moving to Houston or something soon anyway, so it doesn't even matter what happens to her. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is... Even if you do something wrong you can still manipulate the system to benefit you! Man, I hated that.

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