Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dangerous Fun

The other day I was driving by a playground in my city. I couldn't believe the different types of playground equipment that kids have to play on these days. First off, they aren't even dangerous anymore, and thus they are no fun. But that is just the first qualm of many that I have.

Also, why aren't we allowed to use sand anymore? Do people really think that wood chips are somehow a better replacement? No one ever got a splinter from sand, and no one ever built a tiny castle made out of chips. But back to the playground equipment for a moment: what ever happened to the thing that spins really fast--the one that makes kids fly off? That is easily the best toy that anyone has ever made, but I haven't seen one in about ten years.

I'm sure some mom flipped out one day because her kid was a crybaby about something normal--like sand. Thanks to this family no one is allowed to have fun ever again. Playground equipment needs to go through a change, and it needs to be a dangerous one. Kids are tough--they can handle whatever society has to throw in their faces.

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