Monday, September 20, 2010

Wake Up!

It is a shame that people have to hire a spiritual life coach so that they can learn how to feel gratitude. One of the goals of a spiritual life coach is to get you to reach an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. How is it that people need to be trained to feel this?

I always thought that feelings of intense happiness could be had naturally. I don't know whether to be mad at the life coach for selling something that everyone inherently has, or if I should be mad that people are so stupid and selfish that they can't have a feeling of gratitude on their own. I am more inclined to be mad at the mass of people, because I know that they are stupid and selfish--that isn't even a generalization anymore. Anyone who has ever met people knows this to be true.

The coaches are practically forced to sell this to people. What if people forgot they could breathe on their own? Of course it would be ridiculous for them to pay for classes on how to do it, but if they can't do it on their own then someone had better help them remember. What a world.

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