Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Bags

I am not now, nor will I ever be the kind of person who wants Gucci fabric for anything. I do not understand the idea that needless decadence is something that should be flaunted as if it is an amazing trait.

Think of this: a Louis Vuitton fabric bag costs much more than is decent, so the people buying it and showing it off are saying, "I am so rich that I can waste my money and not care." Now think of the people who are buying knockoff brands. They are saying, "I envy people who are so rich that they waste their money--I want to look rich and wasteful too!" The world is so awful that I want to explode forever.

The idea of buying Gucci fabric hurts my feelings. If I ever have kids I want to hide with them in the woods until World War Three is over and we can just start farming or something. And every time a fashion designer walks through our town looking for work we will just ignore them until they go away. If anyone from the town feels the need to go with them, then they are more than welcome to leave and never come back.

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