Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Kitchens

The last few places I have lived in Utah have all not had kitchen cabinets. Hey Utah, are you cool? It would be nice to have doors and cupboards in places that normally have doors and cupboards. The place I live in right now has a bunch of kitchen cabinets, but only ONE has a door. Just one--really? Finally when I was accustomed to there being no doors, some jerk puts up one just to make it look weird and remind of what I don't have.

When I am rich (just kidding) I will have a custom kitchen. The rest of my house can be falling apart as long as I have a nice kitchen to cook and eat in. I lived alone alone for a long time, and probably won't get married for another sixty years, so it is the little things that make my life worth living now. Some people have kids that they can adore and love, or great careers--I have fancy meals and clean kitchens.

Maybe this life isn't for everyone--like people who want to be happy and fulfilled--but for now I am doing just fine. Once my kitchen has some doors on it I will be set for life.

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