Monday, September 20, 2010

Poor Everyone

It is no secret that our society loves poor people. Let me rephrase that: it is no secret that credit companies go after young, poor people because they know they can easily trap that person in debt forever. It used to be that people could file bankruptcy to try and escape, but even that is more difficult these days.

Bankruptcy is the only way out for most people who get deep into debt. In theory it appears that hard work can end debt, but credit companies are set up to ensure that people are not able to pay off their debts. Think about this: A person with lots of money in the bank gets more, free money, while a person with small amounts of money is charged a fee just for having a small amount. The system is set up to keep poor people poor.

Bankruptcy used to be the one way to escape this permanent debt, but that is long gone for most of us now. Better pack up your life and move to Montgomery AL to escape your debtors now. If I ever get trapped in something like debt, then I will just go live in the woods--if they want me, then they can come and find me.

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