Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boost It

Starting up a new website can be difficult, and it can be especially hard to get your new site noticed. A lot of people will look into getting an SEO partner to help them get a little more attention from search engines and customers. Well guess what? None of this applies to me because I don't have a website.

Oh wait--I do have a Facebook account. I wonder if I could hire an SEO partner to help me get noticed, but not to get more friends. By getting more attention, but not more friends, it will make me seem cool yet exclusive. It is practically the personification of a fancy Los Angeles club--everyone stand outside waiting to get in, but it is just never going to happen. People are just going to send me a million friend requests and get DENIED.

This is a great idea. I feel like I need to thank my future SEO partner in advance. Thank you for getting me a million friend requests, so that I could deny them all and feel great about myself. Nothing boosts confidence like turning away people who want to get to know you better. Life is all about building confidence.

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