Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mom Habits

What is the deal with countertops? I am not trying to channel Jerry Seinfeld, I am actually curious. My mother has replaced several countertops in my parents home since the dawn of my life, and it does not look like she is going to stop any time soon. Not only have I never had good countertops in any of my residences, but I have also never worried about it.

Whenever I think that the countertop in my kitchen or bathroom is bugging me I just clean it off. Then I am like, "...oh, that was the problem." Maybe my mom just doesn't know about cleaning things, or the joy that can come from cleaning things. Just kidding, she totally does know about it. However, I still do not have an answer for why she loves getting new countertops all the time.

Her bathroom, aka the water closet, aka Watertown MA, has the newest counter at the moment. I will admit that it looks fancy and modern, but here I am with no answers still. The only option I have now is to stop worrying about it--which is not what I want to do. You win this round, mom habits. Amen.

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