Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old and Young

When I am older I don't think I will mind being in a nursing home, but at the same time I probably won't have any kids or family to love--this means that living in a dark room with strangers won't bug me too bad. It isn't like I'll be missing out on something.

I don't even mind sitting in a room by myself all day right now. Maybe I should just call up a nursing home and see what it would take to get me in there. They would probably have a problem with it, but I can't really see why--it isn't like they are in it to help old people; they are in it to make money for having residents. I've got money so let me move in and lounge around.

I would move anywhere to be in a nursing home--oh, Rowley MA? Yeah I'll meet you there in a day or two. By becoming a part of the nursing home, it will show that I have respect for the elderly. Respect for the elderly is definitely something that I have, so I guess that's that. I will call up a home today and see what the plan is.

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