Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Blowout

About a year ago I was driving on the freeway and my tire exploded. It wasn't even a big deal, so I pulled over and fixed it. I have heard that sometimes a blowout can cause huge accidents and send cars flying across the all the lanes--guess I proved that theory wrong.

So there I was, performing some hand to hand auto repair on the side of the freeway when all of a sudden some cop pulls up and is like, "Ohhhh, pleeeeeease let me help youuuuuuu." I looked at him like, "wtvr" and he finished the tire job that I had started. He was probably from Boise or something--being all nice and junk. After the job was done he got back into his cruiser and took off.

I can't believe people even make a big deal out of getting tire blowouts on the freeway. It was the easiest day of my life. A little blowout, a little auto repair, talked to a cop, missed a class--sounds like a pretty good day so far, am I right? I can't wait for the next blowout to happen so that I can have another fun day with the police force and freeway debris.

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