Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Cry

We are getting more and more to a place where we are in love with our computers. We don't need families, pets, or even plants as long as we have a lil' hip laptop waiting for us at home. This is why computer repair shops are so important, because they are the new hospitals.

We sit with bated breath in the waiting room to see how bad the virus is getting. The case that our computer resides in is clutched closely and tears are in our collective eyes. "The online tech support team has been working around the clock," the nurse says in an attempt to comfort the nearly grieving. There is no comfort in her words, and she goes back behind her desk and avoids eye contact. Footsteps--is this the news? The wait is almost over. If it's good news you want to hear it as soon as possible, but if it's bad news you would give anything to be back in this moment where a positive outcome is still possible.

Before you can over-think yourself to death, the computer repair guy tells you that everything will be fine, you just need to be more careful about which emails you open. "You can go in and see them now, but be careful--your laptop is still very weak." You cry quietly to yourself as you walk down the hall.

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