Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Clocked

So the home that I live in right now has some decent wall clocks. This is a little funny, because wall clocks are kind of a fancy decoration, but the rest of our house is... well, less fancy. I like having a few nice things on the walls, because then it looks like the rest of our house is messed up on purpose--like we are artists living there.

That is the key to making a house look nice--not filling it with actually nice things, but making the mess work for you. Our house looks old and funny, so we just go with it and act like that's how we planned it out to be. You think anyone ever questions us? No way, because we are confident and pleasant. If I were to go around complaining about my house, then whenever someone came over they would just be like, "Oh you were right; this place is pretty nasty." However, if I never mention it then people will just react to the house the way I react to it when we all walk in together.

Back to wall clocks, the key element to making my crappy house look like a moderate home. Just go to the thrift store and find some items that look fancy--it will do wonders for the confidence of your home.

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