Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Picture Made My Day

I wonder what animals would think of the veterinary hospital if they knew how good we have it over at the people hospital. Pretty much all the animals have is a steel table and a handful of doctors--not great. Plus, the word "animal" kind of encompasses a lot of different species with different physiological traits so... good luck getting the right kind of treatment.

Remember how the real hospital's food is so good that people in my city go there when they aren't sick? That's how good we have it over here in human town. The veterinary hospital doesn't have anything on us. I used to live near San Diego, and I don't think I saw one animal hospital when I was growing up. There's another difference right there: I know that human hospitals exist, but I have only seen hospitals for animals on television. Strange.

Either way I don't really care; I am a person so if I break my leg I won't have to be put down. Sorry race horses who make their owners rich, when that little bone breaks so will the hearts of all the children who love you (because you'll be dead).

PS all of these links actually lead to a youtube video of some decently cute animals getting treated; it's better than nothing.

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