Monday, September 13, 2010


So I have one friend who is really into football. We have often been to a local sports bar, where we stand out like monsters, for big games and the like. However, last night he had us all come over to his house to watch the game and eat fifty chicken nuggets. I now know exactly what all sports bars are doing wrong.

Hello sports bar, guess what you are doing wrong? You are not selling all of your food in set amounts of fifty. People come to you so they can scream at TVs and eat little snacks. However, a lot of the people coming to you are pretty big dudes. If you only have little snacks no one is going to get full and pumped, BUT if you sell all of these snacks is groups of fifty then everyone will no choice but to be happy and full.

Plus, if you stuff everyone with little meats, they are less likely to get into fights with each other when their team loses. I know that when I am full of fifty anything, all I want is peace. In fact this is bigger than just sports bars, regular bars, Boston, or the United States--this should be a rule for the whole world.

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