Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Music

I think I am going to start a band called The Countertops. The key to having a good band name is making it sound like band that already exists, without reminding the listener of the other band right away. In this case I was stealing from The Four Tops. You guys are like, "who?"

The Countertops will become an underground success for a year or two, and then we'll make the transition into a larger spectrum of things and get PAID. We'll have to start with some small tours--like going to South Easton MA and back again. I don't really know how to make a band famous, but I bet it's pretty easy. I think most people have the problem of trying to stay artistic, or going in the opposite direction. No label wants a band that sounds too original, but they also don't want boys and girl who have trained to be pop singers for their entire lives.

My band will be a great asset to the culture that is the world of music. We'll play it safe and just stick with a basic sound--I feel like it's time for poppy garage music to make a mainstream comeback. No matter how cheesy it is there's no way it could be worse than the current state of pop music. BURN!

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