Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bummer Animals

If I had animals I would take them to the veterinary hospital every time they got sick. The thing is... I wouldn't like doing that, and so that is why I don't have any animals. I don't really love animals all that much, so keeping them healthy is not really a concern that I have.

Sure they can be cute--what am I saying? Animals can be super cute, but that doesn't mean I need to pretend they are anything but cute. Other than that, they don't do anything. Just yesterday I was running at the gym and had to watch Marley and Me. Are you kidding me? I heard that this movie makes everyone cry. All I saw was a dog being a dog, and then all of a sudden everyone would love it as soon as it stopped being a jerk. Get real, that dog is rude.

San Diego is full of locusts and Utah is full of inbred dogs. I just can't get away from animals no matter where I move to. The only reason I need animals to exist is because they are a great subject for videos on youtube. Don't believe me? Yeah right, everyone that uses the internet knows about cute kitten videos; it's all any of us need.

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