Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You know what the most fair industry in the world is? Towing. Putting your car somewhere illegal and then having it towed seems like a pretty cut and dried deal. Oh wait, it doesn't work that way.

The way it works is that parking lots will put arbitrary rules in place so that when you break one they can call and get your car towed--then they get a kickback from the towing company. Everybody wins! Everybody except for normal people. My car has been towed four times in my life. All four were from the parking lot of an apartment complex that I lived in. What does that tell you about that complex and my parking record? It should tell you that towing my car does not happen unless I am tricked--which this complex did. They would change the parking rules every few weeks so that people were never able to keep their cars from being towed. Awesome.

I would be nice if the fat cats in Washington DC would start looking out for us, but not a chance right? Towing is probably one of the ways they keep the poor down. Why can't I rise up in the world? It's all because of towing, man.

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