Friday, September 17, 2010

The Life of a Florist

Here are the pros and cons of working as a florist:

1. You get to be around flowers all day, and that will make you smell awesome.
2. As a florist you can deal with happy people all the time: Brides, prom dates, etc.
3. Your place of business will always be colorful.
4. By arranging flowers you will be able to express yourself artistically, which is a very important outlet for a healthy person.

1. You will smell like flowers all the time, which will get old at some point.
2. As a florist you will have to sell flowers to people who have just lost a loved one, and you will have to charge them a ton--pretty rude.
3. It will feel like you are living in a jungle.
4. Flower arrangement is hardly a form of art or expression.

So that wasn't a great list; it was more like a list and then a rebuttal. Either way the ideas are out there now, so if you are considering becoming a florist at least you have some good points for both sides. And really, whether you live in San Francisco or Oklahoma City, working with flowers would be a pretty fun, stress-free time. Count me in.

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