Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Jokes for Forensic Engineers

I don't know any forensic engineers. Is this my fault, or is it theirs? I am not exactly outgoing and personable (despite what the title of my blog might imply), but I doubt that people who are forensic engineers are going to parties all the time either. We are two types of people who will probably never meet.

They aren't coming to the west coast, and I am not about to head out to North Carolina, or wherever they are all from. It's probably fine that we will never become friends, because what are we going to learn from each other? They would start in on whatever forensic engineering involves (I seriously don't even know enough about it to make a joke) and I would sleep. They would probably do the same to me if I had something to talk about.

There are a thousand groups of people that I will never meet. I could worry about it, and think that I am not learning enough about my fellow human beings, but we all know that I am not going to worry about it at all. I am just fine without knowing those people, and I am pretty sure they can survive without me as well.

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