Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hearing Aids and Akon

Have you ever walked by someone with a hearing aid, and you hear a high-pitched squeal? Some people say that is feedback, but seem a little too easy. What if hearing aids are crying out for help, and we are all just ignoring it? Or worse, what if these hearing aids are trying to suck out our souls by using this seemingly safe noise?

All I am saying is that that noise does not seem like it should be happening. At all. hearing aids are supposed to help people, not terrify them. But that is the perfect plan isn't it? To appear to be a helpful little scamp while plotting out a way to steal souls from people. I am on to you, hearing aids, and I won't rest until the rest of the world knows your plans.

Some might say that I am being a little paranoid, but I do not think so. I am just being insanely cautious. The world has proven itself time and time again to be extremely dangerous while attempting to look safe. Remember that time the Hip Hop singer Akron (sp?) threw a kid into the audience at one of his shows? That kid thought he was going to have a good time, but it turns out that he didn't.

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