Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tax Stuff

Washington DC is always saying things like, "Hey, pay your taxes." But a lot of us are like, "Dude, remember that time we threw all the tea into the harbor? Don't tempt us." The bookkeeping in Washington DC is probably hard to get around, but there are also a lot of people to keep track of--even for a big, serious system like the IRS.

So what am I saying?... nothing. I was going to say we should all not worry about paying every tax that we are supposed to, but then I figured I would just get dumped on by the higher-ups. So go ahead and pay all your taxes, and enjoy all the unnecessary road construction that it forces onto you. Also enjoy CEOs riding around on jet boats because of the bailout--that is literally the first thing I wanted to see after all my taxes went in.

The government should just put all of its bookkeeping in our hands and let us use the honor system. What you don't trust us? How can we build a successful relationship without trust? I don't know if this is going to work out, government--I didn't realized how much you had changed.

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