Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is really It

So there is this company out there who has pretty much invented the light saber. Even though that is amazing, inventing the light saber is not the most important thing to note. The futuristic laser is only $200--that's seriously it. Jedis used to have to go to one place in the entire universe to get a crystal, and here we are like fat cats paying only two bills for one.

So this company (I think in Colorado Springs or something) created a high-powered laser with the capability of setting nearly every possible surface on fire, up to four feet away. The real kicker is that they made the hand-held part look just like a light saber handle--for obvious reasons. The Lucas people were pretty mad about it, and tried to sue them. The case was dismissed when George Lucas sent JarJar Binks as his representation.

I have seen enough movies to know that we should all be using lasers to brush our teeth and eat our cereal, but we aren't yet. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and one day hopefully a real light saber is made that has the right looking beam, because that is really all I care about. Amen.

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